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ws cover 5.5x8 for web.tif (45446 bytes)#7162  How to Carve a Woodspirit in a Hiking Stick   Johnson $9.95 

Best Seller!

Autographed Copy

NEW!  #8978 Hand Carving your own Walking Stick $14.99

Learn to carve beautiful wildlife-themed walking sticks with this informative and easy to follow to guide.  Award winning
woodcarver David Stehly walks you through the entire process.  Three detailed projects and  12 ready to use patterns
make it easy to get started in this relaxing and rewarding hobby.  Complete step-by-step projects for carving a Peregrine
Falcon and a Corn Snake walking stick.  Patterns included are Red-Tailed Hawk, Cooper's Hawk, American Caduceus,
Garter Snake, Aspen Colubrid Snake, California Mountain Kingsnake, Mexican Kingsnake, Dragon, Peeper Frog, Celtic
Cross, Timber Wolf, and Bengal Tiger.


NEW!  #4020 Snake Scale Cutter Tool $6.95     As used in the book above.  Make snake scales easily!



#3002 Canes, Pipes, and Walking Sticks  $14.95
#3054 Tom Wolfe Carves Spirit Canes $14.99
#5897 Carving Wildfowl Canes & Walking Sticks with Power-(Russell) $14.99
#3724 86 Cane Patterns    Wolfe   $14.95     Best Seller!

#2618 Carving Canes & Walking Sticks   Wolfe    $12.99

#2453 Woodspirits & Walking Sticks   Wolfe   $12.95    Best Seller!

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