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If you're just learning to carve or want to get started, you've come to the right place! 
On this page you'll find some of the basic tools you need to start carving.
Also here's a little more information about woodcarving and woodcarving tools.

Woodcarving can be a dangerous activity.  Please use proper safety precautions and proper safety equipment when
woodcarving.  Please know and understand your own personal limitations in regards to woodcarving and of
the usage of woodcarving tools and supplies. Children should only carve under direct, responsible, adult supervision.

We also carry many more kits for the beginning woodcarver!  Go see the Kits!


#3502   We recommend the  Basic 5pc Set for small to
medium sized projects with a little more detail.  $55.00

1  Bench knife, 1 1/8" gouge, 1  1/4" gouge, 1  1/8" v tool, 1  1/4" v  tool, all sharp and ready to carve.

Untitled-2.jpg (80496 bytes)Great hand knife with 1.5" or 1 7/8"blade.
We professionally hone this knife so it's
ready for immediate use. Comfortable
hardwood handle. Comes with a protective
tube for the blade.

  #1425 1.5" Bench Knife  $17.00

#1426 1 7/8 Bench Knife $17.00
#1427 Both knives 1 1/2" and 1 7/8" knives sharp $32.00
#142512 Instructors Pack (12 unsharpened 1 1/2" knives) $139.95

LIMITED QUANTITIES IN STOCK  -  Last of our Helvie Stock

Helvie 1-1/4" Natural Wood Carver #313  $24.00 
A Mountain Woodcarvers Exclusive These are the same great
knives you expect from Helvie but with a cost cutting natural handle. 
New handle shape design is ultra comfortable and efficient to use. 
Been waiting to try a custom made Helvie knife?  Wait no more! 
                                                                           Wood types vary.

#313 Helvie Natural Wood Carver 1 1/4" Carving Knife $24.00

#SK110 Flexcut Beginner Craft Carver Set $41.00 NEW!!!!

This Beginner Craft Carver Set includes everything you’ll need to get started in
the rewarding world of woodcarving. Includes: Interchangeable Palm Handle,
3 Carving Blades, Bass Wood Boot Blank, 16-page Manual & Project Guide
and Instructional DVD. Profiles: SK307, SK407, SK408.


#KN400 Flexcut Detail Knife Set $72.00

Get the detail you want out of your carvings with this great detail knife set.
Includes a mini chip knife, a mini detail knife and the very popular mini pelican
knife, all are super sharp ready to carve. Sharpening compound included to keep
two knives sharp!


FREE SHIPPING on this Kit!!

Choose your glove size

  Carver's Combo Kit #996  $100.00

Great gift for someone starting woodcarving.  This kit has 
all you need to learn how to carve a woodspirit in an aspen stick.  

Kit includes:
       The popular book How to Carve a Woodspirit in a Hiking Stick
A 1-1/2" Sharp  Carving Knife and sheath
Hand carving 6 piece set                               
       3 pieces of Colorado Aspen
       Flexcut Strop w/abrasive
       Kevlar Safety Glove (Don't forget to choose your size above)   

wpe6.jpg (3617 bytes)New Set!   #3117   Hand Carving Set

Great beginners set. Includes 5/16" gouge, 9/64"
gouge, 3/8" chisel, 9/64" v-tool, 3/8" skew, and
3/8" bent chisel.  Overall length of tools is 4" which
keeps your fingers close to the cutting edge. 
Comfortable three quarter round handles with flat spot to keep from rolling off your
workbench.  Made of high quality tool steel, polished, buffed.

Sale $50.00   #3117   Hand Carving Set

#1350 Beginner's 5 Piece Carving Set  Unsharpened Closeouts!
Just the tools you'll 1350.bmp (177214 bytes)need to get started woodcarving today. High quality carbon tools steel sharpened and hand honed,
ready for immediate use. This set includes a 3/8" straight chisel, a 3/8" skew chisel, a 1/4" v-tool,
a 1/4" straight gouge and a 1/4" short bent gouge. All mounted with a comfortable hardwood handle.
Overall length 5". Made in USA.


  #1350 Beginner's 5 Piece Carving Set $54.00  Unsharpened Closeouts!


1229.jpg (20970 bytes)1224.jpg (58135 bytes)                    

  #1229 Flex Strop  $18.00

  #1224 Aluminum Oxide $5.00

Use the Flex Strop and Aluminum Oxide abrasive to maintain that razor sharp edge. Instructions included with strop. Made in USA

In Stock, Ready to Ship!  Great beginner project, easy to follow instructions.


Get the best selling book How to Carve a Woodspirit in a Hiking Stick
and 3 pieces of easy to carve Colorado Aspen.

   WSAS  $18.95     Woodspirit Book & 3 pieces of Colorado Aspen



Complete the kit with the following tools!

  #1425  Mountain Woodcarvers Bench Knife $17.00     Sharp & Ready to Carve!
 #3117  6pc Carvers Set   wpe6.jpg (3617 bytes)$50.00



Whittler's Kit - Get started carving with this great little kit, which includes the book The Little Book of Whittling,
a #1425 sharp whittling knife, and a leather thumbguard, all for just
$27.00.  Sold separately these items would retail for $

WKIT  Whittler's Kit  $27.00 

   thumbguard.jpg (48967 bytes)



 Instruction is the key and this book is a great place to start.  First Projects for Woodcarvers by Larry Green takes you
step by step with color photos through the complete carving process of some beginning projects.   The three projects
covered in the book are a cowboy boot, a dog and a simple nativity. 

9598.jpg (49852 bytes)  

  #9598 First Projects for Woodcarvers Green   $12.99

#9599 Dog blank  $3.95  from First Projects for Woodcarvers.

#2921  The Complete Book of Woodcarving  Ellenwood  $27.95






kevlarglove.jpg (52263 bytes)Kevlar Carving Glove    $13.49   Sale $11.99 Kevlar gloves are seven times more
slash resistant than cotton gloves. They are made with Kevlar fiber that make police
vests bullet resistant. Washable with 500 gripper dots, so you can get a hold on what
you are carving. Glove fits either hand. Extra Small & Small for women and children.
Medium fits most women and men. Large mostly fits men. Extra Large for those big
hands.  Sold as singles.




#1781 ExtraSmall Kevlar Glove (size 6)  $11.99e 

  #1771 Small Kevlar Glove (size 7)  $11.99e

  #1772 Medium Kevlar Glove (size 8)  $11.99e

  #1773 Large Kevlar Glove (size 9)  $11.99e

#1782 ExtraLarge Kevlar Glove (size 10)  $11.99e

                                thumbguard.bmp (83574 bytes)
Leather Thumbguards $2.95 pair
 Small - Medium - Large

Comfortable and long lasting split leather wrap around thumb guards. The best designs for woodcarvers
this will protect the pad as well as the top of your thumb. Comes as one pair.

#6003 Small Leather Thumbguards $2.95pr

  #6001 Medium Leather Thumbguards $2.95pr

  #6002 Large Leather Thumbguards $2.95 pr



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