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Autographed Books
Books autographed by the author make for great keepsakes and perfect gifts! 
Each of the books below have been personally autographed by the author of the

#7162 How to Carve a Woodspirit in a Hiking Stick by Skylar Johnson $9.95




#7163 How to Sharpen Woodcarving Tools by Skylar Johnson $9.95




#6709   The Mad Art of Caricature - by Tom Richmond  $24.95




#1138  How to Carve Faces in Driftwood by Harold Enlow  $9.95




#1022 How to Carve Hobos by Harold Enlow  $8.50




#2210 Carving Western Figures by Harold Enlow   $8.50




#9283 The Spirit of Carving Clocks by Bill Zelt $20.00




#7002   Carving Woodspirits  Hendrix & Perry  $17.95




#1262 Carving in Moose Antler by Bill Matz  $16.95




#1142  Wooden Egg Art by Sarah Griffin $6.95




#2082  Traditional Christmas Ornaments by Sarah Griffin $4.95




#7166 Carving Santa Claus Ornaments by Skylar Johnson $13.95




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#7161 Carving Compact Caricatures by Skylar Johnson $12.95




#3150 How to Carve a Woodfellow by Mel McDaniel $11.95






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#4521 Whittling for Beginners by Salty $10.00





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