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Sculpture House Tools - Made in America
Shop Sculpture House Tools individually by Sweep in the chart below!

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#1 Flat Chisels #7 Gouges
#2 Skews #8 Gouges
#3 Gouges #9 Gouges
#4 Gouges #10 Gouges
#5 Gouges #11 Gouges
#6 Gouges V-Tools

Example of Sweeps  (Smile of the Tool)  - Widths vary depending on tool ordered.

Woodcarving & Sculpture Tools Made for hand and mallet use. Overall length 9" to 10". Made in US by American craftsmen, using high carbon steel. Handmade, hand forged, tempered, hardened, and tested for hardness. These tools are rated on the Rockwell Black Diamond scale at .59 to .62 , this is the proper hardness for edge holding ability and ease of sharpening. Factory edged, sharpening is available.

Sculpture House hand forges and grinds, from raw steel, over 600 different styles and shapes of tools for the wood carver. These tools are forged from 1095 high carbon steel, tempered in oil, then batch tested, in house, with a Rockwell Black Diamond steel hardness testing machine.

The hand tools for stone, wood and ceramics are forged and ground in Brooklyn, NY. In the Brooklyn facility, they have three forges, four drop hammers of 100 pounds or greater, 14 tool grinding stations, and a full machine shop facility, along with a full complement of experienced master craftsmen producing the world’s finest and most complete line of tools and accessories for the primary disciplines of sculpture.





#3268  Westcott Metric/Inch 12 "  Ruler  $3.50      Handy Flexible Plastic Ruler for converting metric sizes to inches.

Replacement Handles for Sculpture House Tools


S-HANDLE  Small Sculpture House Handle 1" x 5"  3/16" Pilot Hole  $8.00


M-HANDLE  Medium Sculpture House Handle 1-1/8" x 5-1/2"  3/16" Pilot Hole  $8.00


L-HANDLE  Large Sculpture House Handle 1-3/8" x 5-3/4"  3/16" Pilot Hole  $8.00



Closeout Tools from Austria

Sweeps stamped and country of origin make this one of our best buys.
Don't miss this chance to own Austrian made tool at closeout prices.
Hurry very limited quantities! Unsharpened, add sharpening below.


#7-4mm Austrian Made Compare at $31.00 Our price $20.00
#9-4mm Austrian Made Compare at $35.00 Our Price $20.00
#11-4mm Austrian Made Compare at $35.00 Our Price $20.00
#7-LB4mm Austrian Made Compare at $39.00 Our Price $20.00
#39-10mm V-tool Austrian Made Compare at $39.00 Our Price $20.00 a few remaining



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